Winter Lightning Festival

Hi friends and family!

This time we want to show you something that’ll hopefully make you all jealous 😉 We went to the garden of the morning calm to view the winter lightning festival! 😀

We got there when there was still daylight, which is obviously a really good time to see lights…. The moment we arrived our stomachs growled for some sustenance, that was amplified by the smell of delicious food. And we came across something amazing! Aptly named (by us) “Diabetes on a stick”, it is drool worthy, incredible and apparently they also have a place that sells it close to campus (a place we will search for in the very near future).

After we filled our stomach we entered the garden of the morning calm, even in daylight the lights were beautiful and the garden is just spectacular! All the mountains surrounding the garden were incredible (we’re not used to mountains), we were completely flabbergasted. Of course we just had to see what everything looked like when it was dark so we stayed for awhile and got some amazing pictures.

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram

PS. Bonus footage!


7 thoughts on “Winter Lightning Festival

    • Carmen says:

      Garden is at: 432, Sumogwon-ro, Sang-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do 🙂 But the lightning festival is closed now 😦 But you can visit the garden year round I think 🙂


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