Bongeunsa Temple: The Spiritual Center In The Heart of Gangnam

Hi friends and family!

We got some amazing pictures to share with you all 🙂 But first: story time!

Bongeunsa temple is located in Gangnam-gu (yep from that song), which is actually a district in Seoul. Exiting the station we walked through super modern streets with tall buildings to reach our destination: a thousand year old temple in the heart of Seoul. It has a very rich history and is nowadays establishing itself as the center of Buddhist practice. It really is a beautiful sight to see, especially when you see the old buildings surrounded by the sky scrapers (as you can see on some pictures).

As we entered we were completely flabbergasted by the sights, we think we fell a little bit in love. Furthermore, the weather was so nice! Fun fact: we even drank some of the soul cleansing water, we can be naughty again… we’ll probably have to return to drink it again… haha :’)

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

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Carmen’s Instagram


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