A Glimpse Into The Future: Samsung D’light

Hi friends and family!

This time we went to see the future…. And we have come back to tell you of amazing things! 😉

Just kidding (obviously) we went to Samsung D’light, which is an exhibition space of (shockingly) Samsung… where they showcase their newest products. We drooled over a lot of them; we were able to try some out 🙂 We want the money to buy it all (give it to us, donate to this lovely fund…)

Really the gadgets we’ve seen and the games we were able to play, don’t forget about the curved television, or the television that is taller than Carmen. Pictures do not really do it justice, so you’ll just have to visit :p (It’s free! Of course the plane ticket is quite expensive, so you’ll just have to stay for a while, why don’t you all come within the next 3 months? 😉

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram

Bonus footage!


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