People And Beautiful Blossoms Everywhere!

Hi friends and family!

This is a story about a group of brave girls, wanting to see the blossoms so bad that they braved a huge crowd to do so……

We woke up bright and early to get the most out of the day, met up with our accomplices , had coffee and breakfast and started planning more elaborately. Our conclusion: first go to Yeouido to get ahead of the biggest crowd.

Yeouido is one of the most popular places to go and see the blossoms, and holy was it busy! We had to take multiple shots to get a satisfactory one, because it was unavoidable that someone walked in the shot. And I think we even photo bombed a few people… hahahaha goal achieved!

Afterwards we went to Children’s grand park, though we had a few hours of distraction in Bus terminal, a super large (and cheap) underground shopping center….more about that in another post.  When we finally arrived we saw another huge crowd, families with tiny children (Korean babies are super cute!), a lot of couples. Again selfie sticks in the shot, at the end of the day we were dead on our feat but it was totally worth it! Especially since it was a dream of Kristina to see these lovely blossoms since she was 10! Finally dream achieved 🙂 On to the next one..

Lots of love, Carmen and Kristina Kristina’s Instagram Carmen’s Instagram To get a feel of the environment


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