The Language of Film

Hi friends and family,

(and teacher :p )

This is just Carmen speaking, as part of one of my courses (English Writing with Multimedia) I have to upload some projects in the form of videos and maybe some other things…. You’ll notice what that is when I post it I suppose haha 😀 .

So this is part of my assignment named “the language of film” where my teammates and I had to film certain types of shots, upload them and explain how we did them on our blog.

Shot #1 Medium shot

We thought it was funny to see us walking like this… :p

Shot #2 Medium close up

We are diligent students!

Shot #3 Reaction shot

A kind of exaggerated reaction, but at the same time not really…. (it’s funny :p )

We shot these with the Iphone of one of my team members, who has a really steady arm btw! Holy could he hold that phone still.  I think the shots are pretty self explanatory, we had fun doing this (especially the reaction shot) and you can see a little bit of one of the (many) campus buildings on this lovely sunny day 😉

Carmen out! ❤

Ps. You know you’re allowed to post comments right? What’s keeping you? :p


2 thoughts on “The Language of Film

  1. Gary B says:

    I already did post a comment on another page! Anyway, I love your blog, Carmen! And I wish I had much more time to enjoy it, but I don’t. Please keep on blogging! You are really good at it!

    Liked by 1 person

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