Love is Food – Food is Love

Hi friends and family,

This time it is a post about one of our favorite things here in Korea… it is about something we absolutely adore and love. We have admired it from afar, and sometimes a little closer when we were home… but now…now we were finally able to see it in its full glory…

We are obviously talking about food, because really the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach… and we’ve fallen in love multiple times in Korea. From now onwards we will show you pictures of the multiple love affairs, enjoy! 😉


Don’t forget to check out the extra footage below (our homage to amazing food) and stay tuned for more Korean food 🙂

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram


3 thoughts on “Love is Food – Food is Love

    • Carmen says:

      You should come when you can! 🙂 The food is really delicious, I also get hungry again when I’m looking at the pictures… And I’ve just eaten… xD


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