Reinforcing Dutch Habits At Cheonggyecheon River

Finally! Cycling! Yay, woow! Never knew we could miss something like that, but it was amazing to finally cycle again. The wind messing with our hair, sun shining in our faces 😀 and boy did we choose a nice day. A very sunny Sunday afternoon, plus it was after our midterms so all stress and worry free.

Thanks Dasom for taking us there!! 😀 You’re the best. (She’s Kristina’s mentor for the buddy program and she’s helping us around a lot… xD We’re very grateful as we wouldn’t have managed the stuff she did for us by ourselves…)

We went to just a tiny part of the river, closer to Seoul forest (where we’ll also go). There is not much to tell about it… We will let the pictures (and video) do the talking. Just that there were not a lot of foreigners there, so we stood out but it was very funny… never felt so popular in our lives… everyone said hello. 🙂

Ps. Like a real Dutchie and Russian living in the Netherlands, the bikes were free! Ohh yeah :p

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram


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