Hit The Road!

Hi friends and family! Last Friday we went to another city, one more in the south, a lovely city named Busan 🙂 We went there by bus, and it was quite a long way. So we won’t bore you with how long the trip was, and what we did to kill the time (which was listening to music, watching a movie, talking and sleeping). Instead we’ll just show a quick (and fun) video about the trip to Busan.

Next post will be about the amazing beach, and the lovely weather (nananana :p it’s above 20 degrees Celsius here… so happy!!) Here you can see what all there is to do in Busan: http://www.trazy.com/busan#tab:guides Take an educated (or not so educated) guess on what we spend the most money on… :p

Lots of love, Carmen and Kristina Kristina’s Instagram Carmen’s Instagram


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