Burning At Haeundae Beach

Last post was about us going to Busan, well guess what we did while being there? We went to the beach of course! And the weather was amazing 🙂 Be prepared to get jealous, we won’t judge… we’ll understand if you are 😉 There was something really strange though… the weather was amazing, the sun kinda burning and the water was nice and cool.

The strange thing was: almost everyone was fully clothed! We even saw people with long jeans, long sleeves and something to cover their head with. This made us stand out even more… as we were chillin’ in our bikinis and going in the water…

More info about Haeundae beach (해운대 해수욕장) click here

Almost missed the most important information! The amazing food street that’s closeby!:) ‘cause I (Carmen) am being such a piggy in Korea you can’t imagine (or maybe you can). Just watch the video and look and the pictures… it was so good! 🙂

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram

Carmen’s Instagram

Ps. Carmen was smart and put sunblock on… Kristina wanted a tan…


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