Yummy Goodness At Jagalchi Fish Market

Hi friends and family! 🙂

Another post about our Busan trip, and for the foodies out there… you’ll love this one! It’s about the Jagalchi Fish Market 자갈치 시장. Click on the link for more info ;p

But anyway! The food! Can’t get distracted before talking about the most important stuff…  We really wish there was something like this back home because it’s fresh and amazing. Also we could be really lazy.. why? Well on the ground floor you stroll around and buy fish, and other yummy seafood… and yes it really is fresh as you can see it getting murdered in front of you.. So if you have a weak stomach, look away!

After buying everything we wanted to eat (we bought eel and king prawns), we went upstairs where this lovely Ajumma (아줌마 think of it as older woman) came to greet us and pointed us to a table. She took our seafood to prepare it for us 🙂 Let the pictures and the video do the talking, because it was absolutely delicious. And all we had to do was sit back and enjoy ^^

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

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Carmen’s Instagram


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