Climbing To Reach Sanbanggulsa Temple 산방굴사

Hi friends and family,

You might have glimpsed it already… but a while back we went to Jeju an Island part of Korea (in the South west). It’s an island known for its volcanic landscape, meaning that it is full of craters and cave like lava tubes (which we’ve also seen and visited… nananana :p).

But that’s not what we’re bragging about today, no today it’s going to be all about another amazing temple we visited! 😀 The Sanbanggulsa temple! (Duuhh, like the title didn’t give that away). As the temple is nestled in/on Sanbangsan Mountain we had to hike to get to the temple, Koreans love hiking…

The hike took around 20 minutes, and is quite easy as the made a nice path for the visitors and we had stairs 🙂 Once again, let the pictures do the talking! Trazy (Just click on the link already :p )

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram


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