Conquering Sunrise Peak 성산 일출봉

Hi friends and family 😀

So during our time in Jeju we walked a lot, and by a lot we really do mean A LOT! We might have already stated somewhere that hiking is the number one hobby here in Korea, so what did we do in Jeju. We hiked (insert “the scream” emoji from Whatsapp here)…..

Luckily this was a very nive hiking route, as in there was pavement and stairs 🙂 This had to climb all those stairs though..stairs are bitches really 😥 Good for our figure though haha 😛

At least the view was breathtaking, and we had fun while hiking (when we caught our breath and were actually able to talk without gasping). If you want to know more about Sunrise Peak (as in the history, the fact that it is actually a crater and stuff like that) click here.

Lots of love,

Carmen and Kristina

Kristina’s Instagram
Carmen’s Instagram


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