Cute Little Udo Island

Hi friends and family,

Kristina is already safe and sound back in Russia, but I’m still in Korea having a blast! 😀 I was browsing through the photo’s and came across some that I (we) haven’t blogged about before… So I shall start sharing those stories 😛

This is one about our wonderful adventures: Jeju Island edition. Though… this one isn’t really about Jeju, but about Udo Island. Udo is located on the eastern end of Jeju , Udo Island was named because apparently it resembles a lying cow…

It is a small Island, so you can cycle around it in a few hours. I really recommend it! It is fun, and you can see and stop at multiple places. I’ll just stop writing (talking) and let you guys enjoy the pictures and the video :). If you want to know more about Udo Island… click here

With Love,


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