Relaxing At Changdeokgung Palace

During the last week I stayed in Seoul I visited one of the palaces for the first time… I know it took a really long time, but boy am I happy I went (together with my friend Julia 🙂 ).

It’s a very beautiful and interesting place to visit, so it really is a must see. You’ll have to get off at Anguk station, meaning it’s also very close to Insadong (a very nice place to visit for souvenirs etc.). There’s also a free English tour available, so you’ll be able to see the palace and know what the different parts were used for ;). Very interesting! (I am a bit of a history geek) so be sure to check it out! Entrance is only around 2000 Won (less than 2 Euros).

I’ll let the pictures and the video do the talking (as usual :p).

With Love,



PS. It’s the palace with the secret garden 😀


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