So You Are Going To Study Abroad, What Now?

Hi friends and family!

I’m back again! Yay J Hopefully with some useful content for all you guys and girls, ‘cause it’s about preparing for your study abroad. God knows I researched a lot about it, luckily my home University also has some useful checklist… so I thought I’d share some tips 😉

Also at the bottom are some tips for the Dutch student that might read this 😉 But if your country also has study finances and grants from the government it might also be handy for you too :p So let’s start!

Before going abroad

  • During introductionCheck your passport; is it valid till after you return?
  • Get your visa, do this at least a month before. Some visa’s will take awhile to process
  • Search for housing if the University does not have a dorm for exchange students
  • Apply for grants (if available)
  • Get your vaccinations! Some have to be ordered and take some time to reach the doctor, do this on time!
  • Check how much it will cost do withdraw money, see if a credit card might be a cheaper option
  • See if there is an exchange Facebook group, it’s a nice way to meet the people that are also going
  • Copy all your important documents (to bring with you)
  • Check your insurance, travel and health, see if it also covers the country you’re going to

Dutch students

This bit is about the study finance system we have, because you can apply for a public transportation compensation and extra money for living on your own (if you’re part of the old system of the study finance). You can ask this really easy via DUO, here is a link with more info:

I will post more information for those going to Korea in another post, what to arrange when you’re there and etc.

With Love,



Ps. I will also give a pack tips and how to prepare for the fun side of your exchange country 😉

Pps. If you still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Pps. Don’t forget to buy a plane ticket! I always check Google Flights for the cheapest flights 🙂


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