What To Do Once There, South-Korea Edition

Hi friends and family ❤

First things first, get an Alien Registration Card!


End result: the alien registration card (tadaaa)

You have to register your stay at the immigration office; there are multiple in Seoul you’ll have to go to the one in your “district”. You will have to do this within 90 days of arriving. It is best to go with a Korean mentor or friend as it makes it easier. This is what you’ll need:


  • Application form (you can get that at the office)
  • Passport (+ photocopy)
  • 2 color photos (ID photo, 3x4cm)
  • Documents for authorization to stay, in our case this is the proof of enrollment from the exchange university
  • It costs 10,00 won, so bring cash

This card is mandatory, and you’ll need it for multiple occasions.


TBS Test

We had to get a TBS test for living in the dorm, but luckily my doctor couldn’t do it in time. I say luckily because it is way cheaper to get the test done in Korea (around 1500 Won/ 1.10 Euro), the University gave a lot of information on how to get it. You need your alien registration card for this.


When you have a single entry visa, don’t worry! With this document you can still go vacationing to surrounding countries 🙂 Just show the card when you enter again (and passport of course) it shouldn’t; give you any trouble.

T-Money card

This is like the Dutch OV card, you know a card that you can use for public transportation. When compared to the Netherlands (and a lot of other countries) Public transportation in Korea is cheap!

With this card you can go on busses, subway, train and even taxis, so it’s really handy to have one! You can buy them at the GS 25, CU, 7-Eleven, Mini Stop, With Me, Buy The Way, Story Way as long as they have the T-money logo. You can also buy it at the ticket vending and card reload devices inside subway stations.t-money

Hope this all helps! Have fun in Korea 🙂 And ask me if you want to know something

With Love,






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