About us

Carmen a Dutch student following an international study at her home university in the Netherlands and now of to enjoy Seoul.

Quirky young adult with a sarcastic streak that runs a mile wide… But that doesn’t mean everything I say is meant in a sarcastic way! 😉

Fun facts about me

  • I still buy dvds , well Disney dvds because you’re never too old for Disney
  • I know random facts that even surprise me
  • Don’t talk before I have had my coffee

Kristina an Armenian girl from Russia studying in the Netherlands, now of to conquer Seoul. As opposed to Carm, I don’t have a single sarcastic bone in my body. And that’s a bad thing! But it is the cause of funny situations!

11042083_963674073642613_113389829_nFun facts about me

  • I am a complete romantic at heart
  •  You can wake me up in the middle of the night only if you have chocolate with you
  • Huge Marvel geek

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